Hog, Poultry, and Dairy

With over 30 years combined experience in the large scale livestock industry, we can be a valuable asset to your operation. From feed mill to sewer, farrow to finish, and everything in between, we have the solutions to keep your farm running efficiently and effectively.


Knowledgeable in both custom made control solutions, completely integrated central ventilation controls, and everything in between, we can assist you with any controls related problems or upgrade plans you may have. We carry the full line of Phason controls, offering easy solutions to what are often complicated processes. Click here to learn more.


Good production starts with good feed. Let us offer our expertise regarding your milling and feed setup, we promise you won’t be disappointed. We specialize in improving the quality of your feed, providing maintenance guidance, troubleshooting issues, and tuning your mill so you get the most value out of it possible.


Issues with ventilation? Controllers not communicating like you’d expect? Effluent pump having trouble? Generator acting up again? Breaker keeps tripping? We pride ourselves in our ability to find the issue and get your facility back up and running as quickly as possible.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be a valuable asset to your operation. Utilizing Level 2 certified thermographers, allow us to show you what your eyes cannot see. Uncover issues before they cause major problems, and see where to focus your maintenance efforts to get the most value possible. You may also be eligible for insurance discounts if thermal imaging inspections are completed regularly. Click here to learn more.

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